Playing Catch (Up)

One of my recent music purchases was Enya‘s latest album, And Winter Came… The eleventh track is entitled “My! My! Time Flies!,” which is an apt description for life these past few months. I can’t believe it’s already the first of December – I hadn’t really adjusted to it being November.

There is of course, one primary culprit for my disorientation. For once, it’s not work, although it is work related. The architectural firm I work at has been involved, past and present, with the growing “green building” movement. Specifically, we are currently working on a rather large project that the owner would like to be LEED certified. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a program of the U. S. Green Building Council to rate new construction/renovations according to how environmentally friendly and energy efficient they are and is rapidly growing in popularity. Going along with all this is the opportunity for professionals to become LEED Accredited, meaning that an individual might know what s/he is talking about when it comes to green building practices. (Or not. S/he might just be a really good test taker.) When my boss offered to pay for the test for anyone interested, I decided it was a good idea-good for my resume, good for the firm. That was before I started studying, and life turned into full study obsession. Around mid-October I kicked into full panic “I’ve got to pass the test” mode. I would go for days at a time without knitting, I was studying so much. October merged into November. I briefly came up for air to vote. Test day finally came…and I was very happy to have passed. Even more important, I found my knitting needles again!


I was behind. On everything except work. My Ravelry project list was out-of-date. I had hundreds of blog entries to read. My library book was overdue and out of renewals. I couldn’t remember if I’d paid my credit card bill or not. But thanks to the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I think I’m finally catching up. Even my knitting is getting straightened out.


I finally have all the pieces finished for my Leavened Raglan, which I actually started a year ago. (The first time. I restarted it because my gauge had changed. It’s gotten looser. Since it wasn’t loose enough. Ahem.) Since I took this picture I started seaming them together. It’s been a fast knit and it was terribly fun to be able to make a sweater so quickly.

I also, sometime in the midst of the madness, made my way to the LYS for stash and pattern enhancing. I bought 8 hanks of Silky Wool (color 59)


for the Braided Pullover (Fall 2008 Interweave Knits). I also picked up Vintage Knits. I’m hoping to make “Salina” (on the cover) with some wool I bought back in May. There may have been some Kid Silk Haze that slipped in my bag too…I feel a rash of startitis coming on…At least now it’s December and life has relaxed. (Work always calms in December.) Bring on the needles!