the best is yet to come

Since last report, I have two finished objects…almost.  They still need blocking…which maybe I’ll get to yet today, for at least one of them.  I had hoped to block earlier this week but…umm…a bit of food poisoning got in the way (I’m perfectly better now.  In fact, I had the mildest case in the family…didn’t even miss work, although in retrospect, maybe I should have taken it as the perfect excuse…)

I didn’t quite manage to finish my Ravelympics project by the deadline.  I tried, but I just got too far behind, especially when I kept making too many mistakes on the second half, requiring much too much tinking!  It is finished, however, except for weaving in of ends and the aforementioned blocking.  The long-neglected Elm Row also managed to reach completion, a mere day later.  I think I finally found a positive for all the startitis earlier this summer – completion of multiple projects in rapid succession!

There are no pictures however…the unblocked state simply doesn’t do justice to the finished product.  So instead I’ll tide you over with the latest sunflower.


For those of you in the U.S. have a great Labor Day!


2 thoughts on “the best is yet to come

  1. So sorry to hear the family have been laid low… food poisoning is YEUCH!! Have had it badly once from the one and only meal my ex ever made;o) Hope you all recover quickly…

    Looking forward though to seeing pictures of the latest finish offs!

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