well…they’re kinda lacey…

There’s been one thing I’ve wanted to do all summer, that I finally had the chance to do yesterday: visit the jellyfish.  I suppose now is the time to confess that I have had a fondness for jellyfish (weird, I know) since my first visit to the beach in third grade.  I felt so sorry for these creatures, washed up on the beach – surely they didn’t want us stepping on them any more than we wanted to feel their sting. So, when the Akron Zoo opened a jellyfish exhibit this spring, I knew I had to go.

There was just one tiny problem…they were really hard to photograph.  They were in a dark room and the tanks were dark to make them easier to see.  Not to mention, they were constantly moving.  These are the best I was able to get:


(Japanese Sea Nettle)


(Mangrove (Upside Down) Jelly)


(Pacific Sea Nettle)

The Akron Zoo has really improved since the last time I was there (ages ago).  They’ve built several new spaces for various creatures (including the jellyfish) and really upgraded their look.  Although on the small side, it’s laid out well, and a nice little day trip.  However, I really don’t need to see another tiger – been there, done that (the football rival of the highschool I graduated from purchases a tiger cub every year to serve as their mascot).

Of course, now I may need to finally get around to making that jellyfish I’ve had my eye one.  Maybe after Ravelympics…


3 thoughts on “well…they’re kinda lacey…

  1. I work at the zoo and have a hard time photographing those exhibits, too.

    After seeing your really awesome picture of the upside down jellies I may have to try that one again.

  2. I think jellies are beautiful. I don’t want to go swimming with them, but I love looking at them. Thanks for the pictures!

  3. oh the jellyfish are beautiful, I too hsare your love for jellyfish, they are so graceful yet can be deadly. Great photos. love the knitted jelly too.

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