past the half


It’s felt a lot like fall lately. The temperatures have been cooler, I’ve been waking up to gloomy skies, the professionals have started playing football (American) already. And then there was today – it’s warmer, sunny, the cicadas are chirping, and the sunflowers are starting to bloom in my mom’s garden. So, I’ll conveniently ignore that all the local school aged kids are about to start school again (already? they just got out!) and continue to believe that it’s summer.

As far as knitting, I am officially past the halfway point on my stole…unfortunately, I didn’t hit the halfway point until well after the halfway point of Ravelympics!


I guess I really need to get moving…at least everything is worked out–no frogging and redoing.  The size seems to be coming out right and I have more than enough yarn (my biggest worry).  I’m even still enjoying working on it.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to join the halves.  I used a provisional cast-on for the first half, and my initial thought was to knit the two halves separately and then graft them together.  However, looking at it, I decided that it would be easier to pickup the stitches from the cast on and knit from there.  So far it seems to be working.

Now I just need to get moving if I’m going to meet the deadline. (I can’t believe some people have finished sweaters already!)