getting back to lace

I’m sad to say that very little knitting has happened of late.  Two months ago, I would have blamed this on work, but work hasn’t been overwhelming of late.  In fact, I even took Monday and Tuesday off this week.  Our vacations are based on our start (anniversery) dates rather than calandar year and I unexpectedly found myself in need of using up vacation days quickly.  In other words, I will be taking quite a few Mondays off here in August! (Of course, September could prove quite miserable when I have to go back to five-day weeks – which will probably also involve overtime at that point…)  I’m hoping that this will mean more knitting time upcoming.  However, first I had another project to finish…



My bedroom.  It’s been papered in a cloudy sky motif for far far far too long.  So instead of knitting, I’ve been dutifully stripping paper, priming, painting, re-painting, scraping paint off the floor…and at long last (thanks to that long weekend) it’s done!  Thankfully…I really don’t like these sorts of projects (especially scraping paint off the floor…although, based on the evidence – i.e., paint located underneath the painter’s tape – some of the paint on the floor predates this project).

So now, hopefully, I’m back to knitting.  I started – for a second time – a the Vine Lace Cardigan from A Gathering of Lace.


Why a second time? My swatch lied.  Plain and simple.  Since I’m already on 1.75 mm (US00) needles there was no way I’m dropping another needle size, so it’s creative pattern trimming.  For the back, I can cut out one repeat of each of the purse stitch and vine patterns, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the fronts – maybe reduce the number of stitches in each purse stitch section.  Despite the issues with the gauge, I’m comnpletely enchanted by this edging.  It’s all knitting, but it has the look of crochet, and it’s really not that difficult.  Although it would have been easier with a different yarn, admittedly.  I’m using Snuggly Baby Bamboo (Sirdar), on Ravelry here, which is very splitty.  It hasn’t really bothered me, except for the first row or so.  Now, if I can just make it past the first pattern repeat before I start the next project…


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  1. Hope you find some time to knit! The edging is very pretty, and it definitely does look crocheted. Congratulations on finishing the bedroom! It’s a huge project to have finished. =)

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