first lace of summer

After a bit of swatching, a bit of meandering about the patterns, a bit of yarn shopping (opps!), and a bit of wavering on the decision, I finally opted to start with Elm Row for my first Seasons of Lace project.  Sure, Pear and Trellis is still on the needles, but what’s an old project to a nice new shiny one?


I worked a little bit, decided to pin it out and took a picture or two. Then I worked a bit more. This has the (dis)advantage of being a fast and addictive knit. As it currently stands:


The yarn is Knitting Notions Classic Merino Supersock, colorway Stormy Seas.

I started this on Saturday and already have (8 ) repeats finished – which may not be a lot, but I havn’t spent much time knitting lately.  I did also spend time starting another new lace project only to decide I needed to go down a needle size.  Which means I actually need to finish this pretty quickly – I’m working on US 3 (3.25 mm) and now, not one but two other projects need a 3.25 mm needle! It seems to be a popular size for me!



If you’ve followed me over from my old blogger account, thanks and welcome!  I’m hoping this site will make me happier – I don’t need much, just a simple place to post, and an easy way to respond to comments.  I’ve received  a number of compliments on my finished projects lately (thank you very much!) and I don’t really like only responding to them within the blog…

Ok, enough business…I have a finished object!



Pattern: Dickinson Pullover (Fall 2007 Interweave Knits), size 40″ (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool
Needles: Size 5 US/3.75 mm (The pattern called for a um…US 9…little loose over here…)
Mods: I shortened the sweater body and sleeves, modifying the deceases appropriately so it would actually fit me. I also got gauge with a 6 US and then went down 1 needle size so the sweater wouldn’t be so sloppy. Pre-blocking, it fits!

With the summer upon us, it seemed a most appropriate time to finish up a heavy wool sweater so that I could put it away until the fall! Actually, I just really wanted to finish it and get it out of my hair. I now plan to fully devote myself to lace, lace, lace – yes, of course I’m participating in Seasons of Lace! I have a 2 projects already on the needles and several more planned – probably more than I can finish, but it’ll be fun trying. And I have these to look at….



Wow, thank you for the kind compliments on my Morning Glory. My new wrap and I are both blushing! Of course, no sooner did I finish it, than the weather warmed up…I guess I’ll have to wait until next fall to use it.

I really should make an effort to post more frequently – I have so many things I want to share. However, overtime has again reared its ugly head (non-mandatory – but if we don’t work it now, it’ll be two weeks of 12 hour days to finish the project in the end – working a little extra now to avoid that is worth it), not to mention there just seem to be so many things I want to be doing. Of course, overtime means more money, which means I feel completely less guilty about all the money I spent on stash enhancement last weekend!

My mom and I went to our first ever Great Lakes Fiber Show (of course, I can no longer find the website…) last Saturday (May 24) and had way too much fun. We were so busy looking at all the pretty yarns and knits, that I didn’t get any pictures there (not even the cute alpaca or bunnies!), but I did manage to find my billfold a few times…opps…

From Briar Rose:
Legend, a sportweight merino, 1300 yards

Sea Pearl, a fingering weight merino/tencel blend, 1000 yards

From Knitting Notions:
A hand turned shawl pin

Classic Merino Supersock, Dusk, 3 skeins (1260 yards)

Classic Merino Supersock, Ruby, 1 skein (420 yards)

Afterward, we stopped at the Secrest Arboretum, part of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, The Ohio State University. It’s free and open to the general public, and a lovely place to stop and visit. There are plenty of trees, of course, but we stopped for the flowers.

As far as my actual knitting goes, I finished the front of my sweater last week and have started on the sleeves. I’m working both at the same time, so I make sure I increase and decrease at the same rate. I also felt like the added challenge of two balls of yarn to tangle, of course…

Pear and Trellis is also coming along nicely:


I’ve managed to finish four repeats. Once I finish the sweater, I’ll spend more time on this, but it’s mostly hit-or-miss at the moment. I plan to work pretty exclusively on lace this summer (aforementioned sweater aside). To that end, I decided I might as well sign up for the Seasons of Lace knit-along. Usually, I’m absolutely terrible at KALs, but I knit so much lace anyways, I thought I might as well. As it doesn’t start officially until June 21, I suppose this scarf counts as my “warm-up” project. I’m hoping to (finally) get going on Bee Fields, and work on the Alpine Knit Scarf (Ravelry link) from Victorian Lace Today for the summer. Given the overtime situation at work, I think that will be plenty of challenge!