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I am sad to report that Morning Glory is still unblocked. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I forgot that last night would be an ideal time to block it or that I went in to work this morning (yipee, we’re back to overtime and working Saturdays…). Maybe next weekend…

However, overtime does not (yet) mean no knitting. I’ve successfully managed to finish (1) back for my Dickinson Pullover.


It’s currently rather longish and narrow, sometime I’m hoping will be rectified in the blocking. As long as my swatch didn’t lie…I am relieved however, to have used less than 1/3 of my yarn for the back. I don’t quite have enough for the pattern as written, but I’m making the sweater and sleeves several inches shorter so it will actually (hopefully) fit. So far, it looks like I’ll have enough. (Opps…I think I just doomed myself…)

I also managed to start another lace project. (Which of course means my eyes are now all healed…although it still sometimes creeps me out that I can see without glasses!)


This is the start of Anne‘s Pear and Trellis scarf. As soon as I saw the pattern, I knew I had the perfect yarn already in my stash. This is the ColourMart Cashmere/Silk 3/45NM Laceweight I bought last November. It’s lighter than the pattern calls for, so I’m using two strands together, which seems to be working. I’m thinking my cast on was too tight though, so I’m going to restart tonight.

I also managed to pick up another lace book, which of course means more projects for the queue, one which I particularly like. I’ve been eying A Gathering of Lace for several months, and finally bought it this week. The Vine Lace Cardigan (Ravelry link) caught my eye, so if I can find an appropriate yarn, I think it will be my next sweater project. Which should be sometime around October when we’re finally past overtime season (at least for a day or two) at work!


One thought on “knitted miscellany

  1. I love all those cables! I made a sweater for my sister that was cably, and it grew quite a bit in width when blocked (like 33%?). So, I’m sure it will all work out with the blocking.

    The color on your new lace is beautiful; I love that color of blue.

    Sorry the overtime is cutting into the knitting time. At least it means you have stash money, right? =)

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