the view from my window

we got a little snow this weekend. (that’s a window screen impeding the clearness of the view)


fortunately, we didn’t get quite so much that it’s piled up to my window – there’s a ledge just outside the window that the snow drifted up on. however, we did get a good 15″ (~38 cm) plus drifts. also fortunately, i didn’t have to go anywhere this weekend – not even work!


and now the sun’s out, the snow has stopped, and the birds have reappeared.


and i finally remembered to photograph my recent stash acquisitions, in daylight!

brown sheep wildfoote luxury sock, colorway SY-05 black orchid

mountain colors bearfoot, colorway deep blue

dream in color smooshy, colorway november muse

brooklyn handspun soft spun plus, colorway winter wind

panda wool, colorway jet black (although it looks more like a dark navy)

maizy, colorway ivory

all were purchased at my two local yarns stores, guilt-free thanks to recent overtime! (there is a benefit…) now i just need to find the time to actually use these…


5 thoughts on “the view from my window

  1. Pretty yarns! I hope you’re getting a chance to knit. If you are, and you want to be knitting them, I hope you’re knitting and nearly finished with your Zombie Socks for Sock Madness. That Wildfoote would make very nice Zombie Socks.

  2. Hope the snow has cleared a little and you’ve found some time to use some of that glorious stash:)

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