careful what you wish for

thank you all so much for your compliments on my shawl – and background. when i first got the pattern, i thought it would be nice to take pictures of the finished shawl against the snow, but i didn’t quite expect it to work out. a fortunate bit of timing!

on the knitting end, things have been a bit sluggish lately. for starters – still working overtime. it’s “optional” but we all know that if we don’t all pitch in, problems will ensue. it means more money for stash (and i’ve been collecting – hopefully i’ll have time tomorrow to get some good daylight pictures) but less time/energy for knitting. then sunday, i stumbled – almost literally – into a different impediment.

see, i’ve been feeling a restless lately – i think i’ve just been indoors in the dark too much, between work and ugly winter days. last sunday, on the other hand was sunny, above freezing, with a nice layer of snow on the ground to make things pretty (if you left the city). so i talked my dad into a afternoon hike. clearly i haven’t spent enough time with him lately–i’d forgotten that all such excursions with my dad turn into “adventures”.

we took off for a state park about an hour north of us. something with marked trails. other people. we got there ok – and there were people, dogs. didn’t seem too bad. except, it turns out my dad defines “trail” as anything with tracks – regardless of what made said tracks! around here, there are plenty of deer – an overpopulation – so there were plenty of tracks – and deer.

a curious deer unfazed by digital photography.

now, there’s this odd thing about deer – they have four legs. this means it’s much easier for them to traverse snow-covered terrain than a klutzy bi-ped like myself. so that alone was a challenge. but then, as we watched the sun sink further and further (funny how it does that), we knew we had to go back. so we cut back west towards the main road into the park. ok so far. until the stream. the snow and ice covered stream. however, it’s above freezing so there’s no guarantee the ice will hold anything. my dad looked at it, looked at me: “think you can jump across?”

apparently he doesn’t quite understand the definition of “no” because he was quickly on the other, lower side. testing the ice, he looked at me and said “you’d better make it.” not exactly the way to put me at ease. but it was getting dark, he was on the other side, so i made a game attempt. i did land on the other bank – and toppled forward into the thorn bush (possible wild blackberry or the like?). shortly before this, i should add, i had removed my gloves as my hands were too warm. so there was nothing between them and an impaling! needless to say, i wasn’t too happy. and i found that knitting that night was a bit…challenging.

however, there were still some positives to the day – it makes a good story! (and my hands are ok…now). i love the beech leaves still on the trees:


and the snow was so pretty in the woods in it’s undisturbed state:


however, it may be a while before i go on any more excursions with my dad!


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