finished feathers

work has been….busy. today was the second saturday in a row i went in for a half-day. i keep telling myself it’s yarn money…but it’s definitely taking away from my knitting time.

however…irtfa’a is at last complete! it’s been finished for over a week, and i’ve even had pictures…but…i’ve been a bit lazy lately.


a corner detail:


the edging:

pattern: irtfa’a by anne hanson
yarn: blue moon fiber arts laci, colorway ‘korppi’
needles: size us 2 (2.75mm) and us 1 & 00 (2.25 & 1.75 mm) for the edging (not only do i knit loosely, but i got a different gauge for the pearl-based and knit-based halves of the edging)

other than a few nuisance p2togtbl’s i rather enjoyed this shawl. even if a pair of gloves got in the way!



the knitting of the edging has much improved. after a few repeats, i think i loosened up a bit, so the p2togtbl’s aren’t quite so difficult. i’m speeding along now (relatively speaking) and am almost halfway through the edging. since the edging is knit on, i can begin to spread the shawl out without taking it off the needles, so it’s much easier to see than it has been.

irtfa'a - left edge

i can definitely pass the halfway point today. hopefully i can then get through quite a bit of the second half this weekend. we’re getting quite busy at work, so i don’t know how much knitting time i’m going to have for a while. the threat of working saturdays looms…