thank you for the kind comments on my socks! i’ve worn them, and determined that they’re nicely warm. of course, it’s now gone and warmed up…the roller-coaster that is north-east ohio weather.

i have decided that i’m just too lazy to stretch out irtfa’a before it’s off the needles. probably not before blocking for that matter. consequently, i’m just starting on the edging, so it’s come a long way since the last time i showed it off, but still would look like a big charcoal-colored blob. i’ve really been enjoying working on it, though – at least, i have up until last night when i started on the edging and ran up against a nasty p2togTbl in the fourth row. there’s other p2togTbl’s, but this particular one contains a yarn over that just doesn’t want to slide over the right-hand needle. it may be a bit of a fight from here-on-out.

i do have a distraction. well, a couple actually. after ignoring the leavened raglan sweater i wasn’t quite happy with, i’ve frogged and started over. again, no pictures – it’s black and we’re a bit short on sun at the moment, so it won’t show up as more than a black mass. a small one at the moment, but i think i’m finally getting there.

the second distraction is a bit more fun at the moment – just some swatches so far, but they were entertaining.


now, if i could just make my mind up about what i’m doing!


3 thoughts on “miscellany

  1. Oh dear…a p4togtbl? Blech! I’m just starting the Quill and Feather section, so I’ll be starting the edging soon. That doesn’t sound fun, which is too bad, since the rest of the project has been a blast. At least it’s only 116 repeats, right? Oh…wait…116 repeats…

  2. actually, it’s just a p2togtbl. and i knit really loosely, so i’m on size 1 needles for the edging which makes it worse. however, the p2togtbl has got to be one of the worst decreases!

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