first of the year

i can’t believe it’s been over two weeks since i’ve posted! by implication, that means i haven’t gotten very much done on the knitting front. this is not exactly true. i did have to go back to work on the 2nd, and combined with a bit of laziness and my determination to finish something before posting, well…i guess it’s been a while. however, i can now present the first finished object of 2008:

twisted stitch gauntlets
pattern: twisted stitch gauntlets from interweave knits 2007 holiday issue
yarn: classic elite classic one fifty, #7255
needles: us 2 (2.75 mm)
mods: to compensate for not quite getting row gauge/shorter hands i moved the thumbs up 4 rows on the hand, adding the required increases on the hand/decreases on the thumb to stay in patter.

i’m rather pleased with these – i love the color, and they even fit! i’m even more pleased that i was pretty faithful to the project, only tiring of it after getting halfway through the fingers of the second glove. a substantial improvement on my part, although i’m sure it’s only temporary. i did find it much easier to to work through the hand and keep track of everything by creating a larger chart with the hand pattern/finger pattern/increases rather than relying on sticky notes or row counters.

i havn’t let irtfa’a go completely – it was my fill-in when i couldn’t take fingers – or weaving in ends – anymore. however, photos at this point wouldn’t really look any different than the last time i posted them, and i’m too lazy to take it off the needles to get a proper photo…just yet. i’m almost done with the small feather chart, though. i’ve also been working a bit on an almost-abandoned project from august. so i guess my laziness hasn’t been in the knitting – it’s been in the blogging! if the weather – and my intentions – cooperates, hopefully there will be some photos soon!