stash enhancing

it’s been so long since i had the opportunity to take photos during the day, in natural light, that i had forgotten how much better they are. fortunately, i have the week off between christmas and new year’s (yea!) so i was able to snap some daytime shots.

even the notoriously hard to photograph red seemed to come out pretty accurately.

classic elite 150
classic elite classic one fifty #7255

i didn’t have to fuss with flash and none of my pictures were (too) blurry.

ecological wool
cascade ecological wool #8087

although this laceweight is really a bit greener in reality. i did fuss with it a little in photoshop and i think the color is a bit better than the original pic, but still not perfect.

claudia hand painted laceweight
claudia hand painted silk lace, navy olive

the yarns are all the result of a recent trip to my newest lys, yarnia yarn shop and cafe. i’ve been there before; i bought the yarn for my dad’s hat there. it’s a cute little shop overflowing with yarn – it can be hard to tell what all’s actually there. but the owner is very friendly and talkative. unfortunately she also carries laceweights. 100% silk laceweights. i entered with the intention of being good – only buying yarn for two projects i desperately need – gloves and a new knitting bag. but then i saw the claudia hand painted and…well…opps.

i also now, finally, own a ball winder and swift (no pictures…yet). fortunately for my yarn budget, these were chirstmas gifts. i have yet to try them out, as all my (too many) projects currently underway already have yarn in ball form. however, soon i’m sure…