technically, it won’t even be winter until the 21st, but we’re already on our 3rd snow storm of the year. which seems like more than usual for this early in december, but i could be wrong.

of course, this makes it perfect knitting weather. and i had such good intentions. irtfa’a is so pretty. and such a lovely knit. the yarn is wonderful. once my dad’s hat was finished, it was to be the only knit i was working on. so of course, i started another sweater. faithfulness to one project is clearly a problem…


i’m not sure i like it. i like the pattern – leavend raglan from the fall 2007 interweave knits. it’s quick and easy – i’m using us17 (12.75 mm) needles, so there’s a grand total of 36 stitches cast on for the back. i like the yarns – i’m using cascade 220 superwash and rowan kidsilk aura held together (the original intention was, based on information from rowan’s website, to use just the kidsilk aura. when it arrived and i swatched, i realized this was not going to work. thus the two yarns.) however….i don’t think it’s quite long enough – largely because i’m not quite on gauge. this is solvable, if i’m willing to frog. as it’s a quick knit, i probably am. the other problem is not solvable – i should have realized that black doesn’t really show up the pattern all that well. opps. live and learn. so while i ponder this self-inflicted perdicament, it’s back to irtfa’a. maybe i can sill get it finished by the new year…

3 thoughts on “(in)fidelity

  1. I think this is a truly beautiful pattern, and it’s going to look stunning in black – despite the problems with photographing it, but perhaps, if you’ll get a sunny day, you can get some pics done outside where the pattern shows a bit better with the black? I’m sorry that it’s not yet the size you wanted it to, but then again, as you said, it’s a quick knit, so frogging would perhaps not be that much of a chore. Fingers crossed that it’ll work out the way you want it to!

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