a little warmer

thank you for the kind words about my snowflakes! i still need to make some more, but i’ve been too busy concentrating on my knitting. much to my dad’s relief – i finished his hat!

pattern: a basic bottom up hat; i did look at world’s warmest hat (which i found on ravelry) as a guide
yarn: cascade 220 superwash (#813) and pima tencel (#0499)
needles: size 6 us (4.25 mm)

nothing terribly exciting. which was one of the reasons i wanted it finished. the facts that we’ve now hit cold winter weather and my dad walks to work (about 2 miles / 3.2 km) also were a consideration. there’s now a dusting of snow on the ground, with more forecast for tonight and the temperatures have been below freezing for the last few days. which is ok in decemeber – i like a white christmas – but i’m sure i’ll be sick of the cold gray weather by the end of january!


One thought on “a little warmer

  1. This is a really beautiful hat – simple, but very effective! I love how the colors go along together – your Dad will definitely love it!

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