what's one more?

i’ve had a bit of startitis lately. i couldn’t restrain myself, and finally swatched for the dickinson pullover from the fall 2007 interweave knits. in an unheard of (for me) turn of events, i got gauge on the first try. row gauge, stitch gauge, perfect. that never happens. however, it also only further reinforced my notion of myself as a loose knitter. the pattern calls for a “bulky” yarn (7wpi) and us 9/5.5 mm needles. i’m using an aran weight (10 wpi) and got gauge with us 6/4.0 mm needles. by my reckoning, the math shouldn’t work out – with a lighter weight yarn, i should actually be using closer to the size the pattern calls far, if not larger. instead, i’m…well, i’m a very loose knitter. i’ve actually gone down a size, as i don’t like the finished size options for the sweater – 33-1/2″ is too small and 40″ seems too large. by going down a needle size and knitting the 40″ i hope to make a slightly smaller sweater. so far, i’m about 6-1/2″ into the first sleeve.


i am a little worried about having enough yarn. i don’t quite have enough for the 40″, according to the pattern. however, i’m planning to shorten the sleeves by about 2″, and maybe the body as well. keeping my fingers crossed.

of course, having 1 new project, as well as all the old wip’s couldn’t possibly be enough…


my dad requested a winter hat, so i’m obliging. he’s worried about wool itching (even though the cascase 220 superwash i’m using is unbelievably soft) so i’m making an outer layer (the blue, #813) and an inner liner of a cotton/tencel blend (the gray, #0499). hopefully this will be a quick project, because…well i need to finish something! further complicating matters – anne just released her latest shawl pattern – and as soon as my yarn arrives, i’m casting on!


3 thoughts on “what's one more?

  1. You sound just as I do right now, I keep having a go at the WIPs I have, but nothing satisfies, I have to cast on yet another one!The yarn you’re using for the sweater looks beautiful.

  2. Ohhh, the Dickinson Pullover is going to be so beautiful – I’m absolutely in love with the pattern! It looks very complicated indeed, but I have no doubts at all that you’re going to master all this cabling and will end up with a masterpiece! Can’t wait to see more progress pics!

  3. I love the pattern for your latest cast on! I really enjoy cabling – though seldom have the concentration for it at the moment:o( Fingers crossed that you have enough yarn – am sure you will!

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