knitting in circles

thank you for all the nice comments on my cardigan! of course, now that that’s finished, i’m not quite sure what to do next…i just have so many choices. i feel like i’m spinning in circles trying to figure out where to start.

there’s the morning glory. i haven’t even gotten around to starting sock 2 of the rococo. i have yarn for a new cabled sweater, tempting me. then there’s the everlasting bagstopper, which now has a base:


it’s actually a nice little knit so far – although all i’ve had to do so far is garter stitch and picking up stitches. but the pattern for the sides, knit in the round, is all yo’s and k2tog’s – perfect for t.v. watching. however, there’s also this, tempting me:


a new arrival this week: rowan kidsilk aura in nearly black. i’m hoping this becomes the leavened raglan from the fall 2007 interweave knits. it’s a silk/mohair blend and is really tempting me right now. i need to swatch though, i’m not sure i have the right size needles. yet.

then there’s more socks. my mom asked for socks for her birthday, which is in about a month, so i really need to work on those. i’ve actually started:


she picked out some maizy, (#1001, nightshades) a mostly corn (!) yarn that i’d not tried before. it’s a bit splitty, but i’ve only managed to pick out one sock yarn so far that isn’t, so i don’t really notice! however, i’ve decided i want to try to work on both socks at once


or rather, one part of the first, then that same part of the other all the way down (ribbing on cuff, cuff, heel flap, etc.). and since i’m switching to us 0 (2.00 mm) after i get past the ribbing (us 1/2.25 mm) and i only have 2 pairs of us 0 dpns, i need to free up 1 pair:


thus, my monkeys are getting some work. i’m past the heel turn on the 2nd, so it shouldn’t take too long…as long as i don’t pick up another project! oh, and my mom’s socks? they’re going to be monkeys too!


3 thoughts on “knitting in circles

  1. ooooh that corn fibre looks interesting and the kidsilk looks divine! Looking forward to seeing how that knits up.

    Great socks too!

  2. It’s so hard deciding just which project to start next, isn’t it!! However, having seen your cable cardigan, you’ve sorted out another project for me;) I’ve just order the pattern boon from the States and have some Brown Sheep or Rowanspun worsted already in my stash! Having seen the pattern in the book, I wouldn’t really have looked at it much – it must be the colour they’ve chosen. Yours looks scrumptious though in the green …

  3. These are some amazing goodies that you have planned and on your needles right now! And that corn fibre does look very interesting indeed! My gosh, it’s always so hard deciding what project to begin next, isn’t it? So many projects, so little time…

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