the call of the yarn

i have reached the point where i pretty much can’t stand my cardigan anymore. but i keep on knitting – not only do i want to be finished with it, it’s pretty much the easiest thing i have on the needles at the moment and it would take too much effort (at the moment) to start something new. actually, the monkey sock is probably easier, but i haven’t really been able to bring myself to work on that either, for some reason. so it keeps staring at me mournfully. of course, that might be because it keeps slipping off the needles every time i pull it out of my purse in the search for something else (usually my car keys). despite my apathy, i do have 1-1/4 sleeves.


however, what i really want to work with is this:


hemp for knitting
#102 allhemp6 dk weight color 023 brick. this is destined to become and everlasting bagstopper – something i always seem to need. i don’t know how easy it will be to knit with, but the color is calling me…oh, the thrill of a new project!