never enough

after being very good and not casting on for another big project while my sweater was still in very unfinished status, i decided that finishing the back was an acceptable ‘start another project point’. thus:

DSCN1286 - Morning Glory

morning glory found its way onto my needles. i’m really liking it so far – the yarn, wistful from briar rose is a very nice alpaca-merino-silk blend that is absolutely lovely to work with.

i particularly like the mesh section – at the moment! it’s a bit redundant but oh so fun to see the way the 2tog/yo combination creates such a neat look:

DSCN1287 Morning Glory

i didn’t get a good picture of the butterfly edging on the sides, but this is a detail of the end traveling vine section.

DSCN1289 Morning Glory

of course, all that fun work on the morning glory explains my sudden compulsion on thursday to start the first sleeve for my cardigan:


i’m not particularly enjoying the sweater at this point (not that i hate it – it’s just not ‘fun’–too much time looking at the pattern i think) but i can’t seem to stop working on it! i think i have hopes for a finished sweater this fall.