a tale of two socks

it was inevitable. i have the needles. i have the yarn. i have a list of patterns. i now have two socks in progress. however….

DSCN1154 - Monkey

the first monkey is finished! i have the cast-on started for the 2nd, and it’s a fun sock, so i’m not worried about ‘second sock syndrome’. but i did start a different pattern.


this is the rococo sock in fearless fibers’ smoke colorway. the picture, unfortunately, does not show the pattern very well. i’ve been avoiding it all summer as i had yet to attempt a toe-up sock (which somehow seemed more fearsome than top-down…i think because of the instructions for a short row toe), so i finally decided the only way to get it done was to sign up for the ‘small projects’ class at the lys. it’s working so far; i’ve actually made it through about 3 more pattern repeats since i took the pic.

of course, not to be outdone, mystery stole 3 is making a re-appearance.

MsyteryStole3 - through chart B

after a bit of ignoring, a change of needles and a complete start-over (i firmly established myself as a ‘process knitter’ as i decided i would much rather just start over with the new needles than pick up from a lifeline after i watch half the stitches fall off the old needles…again. of course, this begs the question: what’s the point of a lifeline if i don’t use it?) i am finally past the first clue. which puts me at only, oh, 4 weeks behind or so. fortunately, i don’t care. now if only i could take a decent picture of the thing!