a little conversation

a little of this last night:


meant the annual office pizza and fireworks party–also known as the time of year i’m required to supply my job-ensuring mint-chocolate brownies. the backyard of the office is absolutely perfect for the party–great view, plenty of parking, trees and grass and, of course, convenient indoor plumbing! this year, for the first time, i decided to bring my knitting, so a little ‘monkey‘ showed up.

i didn’t realize what a conversation piece this would prove! my co-workers have seen me knitting, so nothing new there…but first my boss’s grandma-in-law saw me, which prompted a ‘get over here’ to her knitter daughter-in-law, out-of-towner martha. conversation on knitting and socks and yarns ensued. next up, a woman of unknown connection to the party (there’s always plenty of people whose connection to the office i have failed to establish. relatives of the boss? friends? past clients or consultants?) whose only knitting experience was exactly one slipper–in girl scouts–showed up to see what i was knitting. she thought it looked rather relaxing…then, finally, nancy, a past client–and fair board member–showed up. another knitter, this one local, who knows the local knit stores–i now have a lead on another one to check out some day when i fancy a little trip. i’ve never had so many conversations at an office party simply by sitting there (knitting)!

however, the highlight had to remain


in the true spirit of a fanatical football town, these fireworks always outshine those of july 4th!