miscellaneous friday

i’m a little too excited about this, considering i’m planning not to touch this until it’s gloomy and winter and i need something springy in my knitting life, but my bee fields kit arrived today!


i opted for the ‘tupelo gold’ colorway as i absolutely love the springy greenness of it. which is why it gets to wait until the gloomy months…if i can manage to have enough self-control. anyway, i have too many projects ahead of it…such as a much more summery project, my very own monkeys:

DSCN1100 - Monkey 1

i’m using tofutsies for these and they’re knitting up like a charm. this have been primarily a lunch-time knit, but it seems to be going quickly, anyway. (for me at least. i have a nice pair-a-month average going on at the moment.) i can see why it’s such a popular pattern though. very fun.