so i stopped in the lys last week to pick up a book i won last week. and while i was there i thought i’d pick up another pair of size 0 (us) needles – so i could have two socks on the needles if i so choose, or even as a back-up for when i (inevitably) snap a needle (or two). i paid for the needles, stuck them in my purse and then thought nothing more of it…until i picked them up tonight to do some knitting. they were the wrong size. i check all my other dpns…sure enough, i picked up the wrong size – size 1 (us). not that this is terrible; i’m sure that i will use them at some point. i’m more concerned in that this is the second completely ditzy knitting-related think i’ve done in a week. (hmm…come to think of it – both were the same night!) and this is to say nothing of the order for yarn i placed about a month ago – i fully intended to order one color but selected another in the checkout process. fortunately the seller was very nice about exchanging yarns…however, all this is to say that, although i’m now finished with one flame wave sock:

DSCN0960 - Flame Wave Right
i fully expect to create an exact match. which would be a problem: this is a right sock–i modified the toe decreases to fit my foot. my right foot. so if i goof and make an exact match, i will have two right socks…or, not a pair but two lonely half-pairs! (my brother in support of my ever-increasing ditziness is, i believe, taking bets on whether i will make a right or a left…)


One thought on “mindlessness

  1. Oy about the size 1 needle – when such things happen to me, I always know for sure that I’m ready for a vacation 😉
    Very, very beautiful socks – the pattern is absolutely awesome, and I just adore the colorway!

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