i’ve made minimal progress on anything in the past week. i frequently knit at work (1 hour lunch), but between running errands and a staff lunch and wandering down to the ice cream stand (what an excellent idea!), little knitting was accomplished. i did manage to finish another oh-so-exciting dishrag. however, in the almost-week since i finished the first tidal wave sock, i have finished only 2-1/2 inches or so of the second. at least i’m that far; i could have succumbed to the dreaded ‘second-sock-syndrome’. my goal is to finish by next thursday so i can start clean for the summer of socks.

i did receive some additional sock yarn this week, but at the moment i’m not sure what i did with it. which is a problem, because i was planning on using it for the first SOS pair. some cleaning may be in order this weekend!


first sock!

my first sock – ever – is finished! on the downside, i think i should really have gone down a needle size, but i didn’t have any us size 0 handy. on the upside: it was fun and i didn’t have any difficulty…beyond my usual habit of dropping stitches.

now i just have to convince myself to start the second of the pair…which could be a problem as this:

arrived today. one skein of fearless fibers superwash merino sockyarn in the ‘smoke’ colorway. i already have a pattern picked out, so….finishing that second sock may prove difficult. i’ll have to cast on quickly here, or i may have no hope!

hmmm…this is fun…

the appeal of sock knitting is becoming apparent to me. with all the different parts of socks, there’s always something new to work on and the rewards are quick. this is my first sock, as of monday night. (slightly blurry….need to work on that….)
and this is it tonight. i’m past the heel turn and stitch pick up and on the gusset decreases. this is way too much fun. now, i’m not going to give up other knitting types, however, for a nice quick project – this is better than dishrags!

(pattern “tidal wave socks” from southwest trading company)

ok, enough of this…back to the socks!