stress relievers

it should be a stressful time at work. really it should. two deadlines–this week–with not enough hours in the day and everything always takes twice as long as expected. but i have this:

070628 - Flame Wave (1)

a partial flame wave sock. is it possible to be stressed when something so cheerful is on the needles–and i have a whole hour at lunch to work on? (ok, so i spend half of that actually, well, eating my lunch.) even today when i ripped back 6 rows because i’d skipped two rows of the pattern–and then proceeded to skip the same two rows the second go-around…nope, still not stressed. i decided rather than to rip out again (which would have meant picking up stitches for a 3rd time–a process i don’t particularly enjoy, even with slipped stitches on the edge) i would work with the ‘mistake’, make a note of it, and replicate it when i get to sock two. i don’t think anyone will notice…