so we…finally…begin

i had every intention of starting my first summer of socks pair on the 21st. i had yarn, i had needles, i had patterns. and i did start a gauge swatch. at which point, i realized the planned pattern was not going to work. so i took a break. i have a history of gauge issues, and experience tells me the only way to deal with them is come back the next day. or later. so, the next day, i packed my yarn in my bag, went to the local blues fest (free…except it’s about impossible not to find oneself buying overpriced food…) and swatched some more. having determined there was no way around 6 sts per inch with the panda cotton (which i would have realized much sooner if i had looked at the label d’oh!), i realized that i needed quite a different pattern. moving on, i also completed a gauge swatch of the tofutsies, which will most likely become monkeys – i have to double check, but i’m pretty sure the gauge worked out (on the first try, an impossible chance!). after some more experimenting, some math (which for some reason i always make more complex than necessary), i finally, late last night settled on this:

Flame Wave 1 - cuff

flame wave socks from interweave knits favorite socks. my gauge is exact – when i use a size 0 (US) needle. vs. the size 4 (US) called for. and the yarn used in book is only a little lighter than the panda cotton (186 yd/50g vs. 170yd/50g.) yet another confirmation that i knit loosely. however, it seems to be working out and to be fun. so far.