yarn, yarn, yarn

with only a day left until Summer of Socks begins, i’m almost ready! i’m about halfway through the foot of sock #2 of my first ever pair! given that the first half of the foot was mostly knit during the evening news, i feel confident i can finish tonight…provided i don’t get distracted. at which point i will be ready to start fresh for SOS.

a sock in the shadows

then there’s the sock yarn…i found my missing panda cotton. i’m intrigued by the idea of knitting with bamboo, so i’m going to use this first (pattern undetermined?)

i hit the lys on saturday, intending just to buy some size 0 (us) needles and favorite socks. however, this…
found its way into my shopping bag. i couldn’t help it; it said ‘summer.’ i also have a previously purchased merino superwash sock yarn which is destined to become rococo socks. so…given my rate of knitting (slowish) and my relative newness to the world of socks, i think i have enough to keep me occupied. needless to say, i will not be competing for ‘most socks’!

now….despite all this sock happiness…i have to confess by being most excited by something that arrived today….
briar rose wistful, in a green a blue blend. this is destined to be a morning glory wrap. i looooove the yarn – alpaca, merino and silk blend – wonderful to just touch. and the pattern is soooo pretty. however…i keep telling myself i’m not allowed to start morning glory until i have a back for my sweater. it’s the only way the poor neglected sweater will ever see the light of day…