i’ve made minimal progress on anything in the past week. i frequently knit at work (1 hour lunch), but between running errands and a staff lunch and wandering down to the ice cream stand (what an excellent idea!), little knitting was accomplished. i did manage to finish another oh-so-exciting dishrag. however, in the almost-week since i finished the first tidal wave sock, i have finished only 2-1/2 inches or so of the second. at least i’m that far; i could have succumbed to the dreaded ‘second-sock-syndrome’. my goal is to finish by next thursday so i can start clean for the summer of socks.

i did receive some additional sock yarn this week, but at the moment i’m not sure what i did with it. which is a problem, because i was planning on using it for the first SOS pair. some cleaning may be in order this weekend!