of practicalities and plans

so i bought sock yarn. and needles. and promptly cast on for a dishrag. maybe i’m subconsciously avoiding socks….or maybe my mom just really needs dishrags. (number 2 is currently on the needles.) however, dishrags are what led to this whole knitting mess. it was a dishrag like this that made me think, ‘ya know, i really like this knitting thing. and it’s kinda cold in the winter…’ thus, i made the leap from dishrags to afghans. (skipping socks entirely. although i did throw a scarf in there somewhere.)

The pattern is a mccall’s magazine pattern, probably from sometime in the mid-90’s, but i can’t find it right now (aka there are way too many boxes in the way to bother.) i used a superwash wool and knit and knit and knit and was very grateful for just the right variety in the pattern to keep my attention. i started in the fall of 2005, and knit and knit and knit. then i took a break over the summer, picked it back up in august of 2006 and finished ’round about october. i had been so terribly looking forward to finishing the thing…and then as i got to the last repeat i realized i would miss it. it was official. i was hooked on knitting.

apparently this ‘let’s knit big projects’ thing is a side-effect of knitting dishrags. i cast of the above dishrag last night…and ordered the morning glory pattern this afternoon. fortunately, i don’t have any yarn yet, so i’m free to finish the second dishrag and try my hand at socks before i start another big lace project. i did also order the rococo socks from anne, but i think i’m going to try the tidal wave sock pattern from southwest trading company first. with the patterning only on the leg, i think it would be a better first sock pattern. which i suppose just leaves me with the need to find some yarn for my new patterns…hmm….