my first major lace project: complete! wing-o-the-moth in gedifra easy soft. i started, if my memory serves me correctly, at the end of march and finished (including the blocking) may 27th. which for me is not too bad…

a considerate chair, modeling

corner detail

now on to the next project! (i’m avoiding a certain sweater…) – learning how to knit socks! i seem to have skipped the whole sock knitting bit and gone straight to lacy shawls, but i’ve decided i need to go back and fix that. i need portable projects. so, i made a trip to my lys, and bought a pretty blue sock yarn (color #720, sweep you off your feet) of wool, soysilk, cotton and chitin. i had never heard of chitin, but the idea of knitting with a fiber containing shrimp and crab shells was too much to pass up. now if only i can figure out how to make these sock things…


One thought on “finished!

  1. amanda!! she is beautiful!! you must be SO proud . . . thank you for sharing the photos. the yarn is stupendous.
    carol told me you were looking for the morning glory pattern—you can order that directly from me if you like, and i will email you a copy . . . let me know!

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