knitting time…at last

this is the first week night in well over a week i’ve been at home. and able to watch the evening news–which is prime knitting time. needless to say, i havn’t been getting too much knitting done. (or too much of anything else for that matter.) however, i am only 3 rows away from starting the corona edging on the wing-‘o-the-moth shawl.

of course, a shortage of time didn’t stop me from flitting to another project: ‘diamond cable jacket’ from the dec. 2006 issue of knit ‘n style. i’m nearing the finish line for the shawl, so it’s only logical i push it aside to work on something else. of course, this something else happens to be a sweater i pushed aside in favor of the shawl. i guess i’m being fair… anyway, i decided to cast on yesterday during lunch. i typically stay at work for lunch and it was so nice yesterday, i decided to eat (and knit) outside at the office picnic table. things could have gone better. i’m sitting there, merrily knitting away, my cup of water holding down my pattern, when the wind gusts and i’m suddenly sitting there, pattern and myself drenched and yarn ball making a get-away across the grass. i was not amused.
hopefully that is not a sign of things to come. this is the second time i’ve started the back. i frogged the first attempt after knitting 2 pattern repeats when it came out too wide – despite using the exact same needle i used for the fronts – which came in at the right size. actually, to be more accurate, the left front was just slightly too narrow! i think i may be having a liiiitle gauge problem. a wandering one, apparently.