time flies…

i can’t believe how fast may is flying already – and how little i’ve gotten done. it’s become a bit crazy; i rarely have to go out in the evening but both last week and then again this week i have work-related meetings after business hours. on top of that, there’s a lecture series at church that i’ve decided to attend, which fills up another 8 evenings if i go to every one. and then by the time that’s all done i’ll get to go on vacation…and i think my worries that i would be done with wing-o-the-moth by vacation time are now vanished. i am past row 20 of 40 of the twin leaf chart, but there’s still the edging after that, and without my evenings to knit.

i had a near disaster last night – i accidentally knocked over my cherry coke onto everywhere…including the shawl! we blotted, we soaked, and i think it’s ok. but still damp. which of course precludes working on it at the moment.
of course, my other obsession at the moment is my new digital camera. i keep popping into my mom’s garden, hoping to find something new. and when i’m finished i look at the count and realize i just took 20 pictures of the same two tulips! way too much fun. of course, i also subscribe to the philosophy that the more pictures one takes, the more likely there will be at least some good pictures.