of practicalities and plans

so i bought sock yarn. and needles. and promptly cast on for a dishrag. maybe i’m subconsciously avoiding socks….or maybe my mom just really needs dishrags. (number 2 is currently on the needles.) however, dishrags are what led to this whole knitting mess. it was a dishrag like this that made me think, ‘ya know, i really like this knitting thing. and it’s kinda cold in the winter…’ thus, i made the leap from dishrags to afghans. (skipping socks entirely. although i did throw a scarf in there somewhere.)

The pattern is a mccall’s magazine pattern, probably from sometime in the mid-90’s, but i can’t find it right now (aka there are way too many boxes in the way to bother.) i used a superwash wool and knit and knit and knit and was very grateful for just the right variety in the pattern to keep my attention. i started in the fall of 2005, and knit and knit and knit. then i took a break over the summer, picked it back up in august of 2006 and finished ’round about october. i had been so terribly looking forward to finishing the thing…and then as i got to the last repeat i realized i would miss it. it was official. i was hooked on knitting.

apparently this ‘let’s knit big projects’ thing is a side-effect of knitting dishrags. i cast of the above dishrag last night…and ordered the morning glory pattern this afternoon. fortunately, i don’t have any yarn yet, so i’m free to finish the second dishrag and try my hand at socks before i start another big lace project. i did also order the rococo socks from anne, but i think i’m going to try the tidal wave sock pattern from southwest trading company first. with the patterning only on the leg, i think it would be a better first sock pattern. which i suppose just leaves me with the need to find some yarn for my new patterns…hmm….



my first major lace project: complete! wing-o-the-moth in gedifra easy soft. i started, if my memory serves me correctly, at the end of march and finished (including the blocking) may 27th. which for me is not too bad…

a considerate chair, modeling

corner detail

now on to the next project! (i’m avoiding a certain sweater…) – learning how to knit socks! i seem to have skipped the whole sock knitting bit and gone straight to lacy shawls, but i’ve decided i need to go back and fix that. i need portable projects. so, i made a trip to my lys, and bought a pretty blue sock yarn (color #720, sweep you off your feet) of wool, soysilk, cotton and chitin. i had never heard of chitin, but the idea of knitting with a fiber containing shrimp and crab shells was too much to pass up. now if only i can figure out how to make these sock things…

knitting time…at last

this is the first week night in well over a week i’ve been at home. and able to watch the evening news–which is prime knitting time. needless to say, i havn’t been getting too much knitting done. (or too much of anything else for that matter.) however, i am only 3 rows away from starting the corona edging on the wing-‘o-the-moth shawl.

of course, a shortage of time didn’t stop me from flitting to another project: ‘diamond cable jacket’ from the dec. 2006 issue of knit ‘n style. i’m nearing the finish line for the shawl, so it’s only logical i push it aside to work on something else. of course, this something else happens to be a sweater i pushed aside in favor of the shawl. i guess i’m being fair… anyway, i decided to cast on yesterday during lunch. i typically stay at work for lunch and it was so nice yesterday, i decided to eat (and knit) outside at the office picnic table. things could have gone better. i’m sitting there, merrily knitting away, my cup of water holding down my pattern, when the wind gusts and i’m suddenly sitting there, pattern and myself drenched and yarn ball making a get-away across the grass. i was not amused.
hopefully that is not a sign of things to come. this is the second time i’ve started the back. i frogged the first attempt after knitting 2 pattern repeats when it came out too wide – despite using the exact same needle i used for the fronts – which came in at the right size. actually, to be more accurate, the left front was just slightly too narrow! i think i may be having a liiiitle gauge problem. a wandering one, apparently.

time flies…

i can’t believe how fast may is flying already – and how little i’ve gotten done. it’s become a bit crazy; i rarely have to go out in the evening but both last week and then again this week i have work-related meetings after business hours. on top of that, there’s a lecture series at church that i’ve decided to attend, which fills up another 8 evenings if i go to every one. and then by the time that’s all done i’ll get to go on vacation…and i think my worries that i would be done with wing-o-the-moth by vacation time are now vanished. i am past row 20 of 40 of the twin leaf chart, but there’s still the edging after that, and without my evenings to knit.

i had a near disaster last night – i accidentally knocked over my cherry coke onto everywhere…including the shawl! we blotted, we soaked, and i think it’s ok. but still damp. which of course precludes working on it at the moment.
of course, my other obsession at the moment is my new digital camera. i keep popping into my mom’s garden, hoping to find something new. and when i’m finished i look at the count and realize i just took 20 pictures of the same two tulips! way too much fun. of course, i also subscribe to the philosophy that the more pictures one takes, the more likely there will be at least some good pictures.