wait, which language am i reading?

i just saw the following headline on msn.com: “OMG! 13yo wins 25k txting,” and i swear, i was trying to figure out what 13 yarn overs had to do with anything. obviously, text messaging abbreviations do not mesh well with knitting!

fortunately, knitting abbreviations in their appropriate sphere are not a problem–the wing-‘o-the-moth shawl seems to be coming along well. (cue disaster music. a statement like that begs for it.)

i’ve made it past the fir cone pattern and onto the twin leaf pattern. the good: the wrong side rows aren’t all pearl, which adds interest for the knitter. the bad: K3togTBL. i’ve already managed to turn that into K2togTBL once. however, i think it’s starting to look right. maybe. i only have 6 rows done, so correct could turn into…umm…very wrong. after all, i have no memory of completing that sixth row. i vaguely remember working on it at the midpoint. but the beginning is very foggy and the end non-existent. yet row 6 is clearly finished. clearly, some memory strengthening exercises are in order…


One thought on “wait, which language am i reading?

  1. OMG—it’s beautiful! i could just dive right in to that pile-‘o-knitting! you are going so fast; i can’t wait to see it done!

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