simple little things

i don’t know what it is, exactly, but the right side rows of the fir-cone pattern are really relaxing. i’ve got the pattern worked out in my head as counting all in groups of three – i literally count 1,2,3; 1,2,3; 1,2,3 as i work it – even when i’m working a double decrease, i count 1,2,3 so i don’t forget to pass the slipped stitch over. (which i still manage to forget, of course!) and then i get to the wrong side. i thought the wrong side would be the nice relaxing side of this pattern; the side when i didn’t have to worry about what i’m supposed to do next. i don’t have to worry – it’s mostly pearls…and as the rows have gotten ever longer, i’m beginning to find it mind-numbingly tedious. i think i may even knit them slower than the right side! of course, i have the knack of getting bored way too easily, which is why i have never once completed a garter stitch scarf. fortunately, i have a shelf-full of movies i can entertain myself with while knitting. actually, about the only way i can sit through a movie i’ve seen before is if i have something in my hands. ditto for the evening news. which, i suppose, is one of the appeals of knitting for me. it’s relaxing, something tangible (and hopefully useful) is being created and occupies my hands while i pay attention to something else.


One thought on “simple little things

  1. you like patterns; that’s what it must be. you are a born lace knitter then. let your inner lace knitter ROAR! next thign we know, you’ll be knitting a princess shawl or weddin ring shawl or something (go google it . . .)

    just kidding . . .. well the new morning glory shawl will be for you then, it has patterns on BOTH sides!

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