i’ve been contemplating joining the ranks of knitting-related blogs for some time now. it seems like such a friendly community, and i’ve become rather…enamored…of knitting as of late…and now that i finally have a digital camera (a much-delayed purchase, primarily out of a reluctance to venture into the wild mess of traffic and my uncertainty as to what exactly i wanted) i suppose i no longer have an excuse. thus, i present:

wing-of-the-moth, after 9 repeats of the fir-cone pattern. this is my first ‘real’ lace project (i’ve knit a number of swatches…) i took a lace knitting class back in january at my lys, taught by Anne, the designer no less, and in searching for a project…i couldn’t find a shawl to attempt i liked better. it’s managed to hold my attention fairly well, and there havn’t been any disasters yet. ok, so there was the day the stitches kept slipping off, but it’s a mohair/cashmere/polymide blend – nothing was lost.

i particularly like the back – such a funny bumpy pattern. the front is also rather nice.
hopefully, all will continue to go well–and i’ll manage to finish sometime this spring


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  1. hi amanda! welcome to blogland!
    the shawl looks fab! you’ll have to stop in at the shop some wednesday night and show it off to my class.

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