wow, i finished something!

now that spring is here (i think–it keeps teasing us, but i think it’s finally settled in) i have a nice long, warm scarf to warp up in against the cold. impeccable timing on my part. however, it looks pretty now. the pattern is ‘open and folds cabled scarf’ from knitspot. it proved to be just about the perfect scarf pattern for me – the pattern is interesting enough that i didn’t really get bored but easy enough i quickly had it memorized. i used sublime yarns – cashmere merino silk aran in vintage red. it’s a little heavier than the recommended yarn, so i bumped up the needle size and made a slightly bigger scarf. i absolutely loved knitting with it–the yarn is so smooth, i swear it knits itself.

now that i have this finished, i just have two ‘on the needles’ knitting projects. the wing-o-the-moth shawl is coming along so well i’m thinking it’s time to start looking for the next project. (yes, i’m avoiding the ‘other’ project. it’s a sweater. it’s not cooperating. and it’s wool, which is as good an excuse as any to put it off until cooler weather. (which around here probably means in two days…))


wait, which language am i reading?

i just saw the following headline on “OMG! 13yo wins 25k txting,” and i swear, i was trying to figure out what 13 yarn overs had to do with anything. obviously, text messaging abbreviations do not mesh well with knitting!

fortunately, knitting abbreviations in their appropriate sphere are not a problem–the wing-‘o-the-moth shawl seems to be coming along well. (cue disaster music. a statement like that begs for it.)

i’ve made it past the fir cone pattern and onto the twin leaf pattern. the good: the wrong side rows aren’t all pearl, which adds interest for the knitter. the bad: K3togTBL. i’ve already managed to turn that into K2togTBL once. however, i think it’s starting to look right. maybe. i only have 6 rows done, so correct could turn into…umm…very wrong. after all, i have no memory of completing that sixth row. i vaguely remember working on it at the midpoint. but the beginning is very foggy and the end non-existent. yet row 6 is clearly finished. clearly, some memory strengthening exercises are in order…

unfinished business

i realized today as i was flipping through my latest purchase (stephanie pearl-mcphee casts off) that my problems with unfinished projects extend waaaay beyond the 3 current in-progress knitting projects i currently have (or the multitude of other ‘craft’ projects, some of which have been on hold for years). i have now purchased three books by the yarn harlot and have not completely read through any of them. then there’s still don quixote, sitting on my shelf, taunting me–i made it through over half of it in high school, ran out of time, and haven’t made it past page 100 since. then there’s reading lolita in tehran. anna karenina. lost world and other stories. to name a few. so, all-in-all, i’ve concluded that my problem isn’t limited to just projects. apparently, i have problems finishing just about anything that doesn’t have a deadline. (it should be noted that i own all of the above books – therefore, no deadline. a library book has a deadline.) not to say i haven’t finished anything without a deadline. it just might not be in any reasonable sort of time frame. (reasonable being relative, of course.) i did manage to finish a knit afghan. it just took me a year. all things considered, i supposed i’m doing pretty well with the wing-of-the-moth shawl. i’m just past the reverse stockinette ridge, so…hmm…the way i do things, it might be finished by next spring!